Saturday, 12 November 2011


Significant? Yes I believe so. There is not in my frame of mind something that happens by accident. The spiritual realm is more real than the physical realm and there must be something in this date that will somehow manifest itself in the physical.

Listening to the young adults discussing their dreams and uo to how many levels they have been makes one realise that they are much more aware of the spiritual realm than most of us older people are. Dreams are significant but to me it is just to try and remember themand pull it through to try and understand what the impact is in the physical world...

Spoke to a very interesting lady yesterday that gave me her perspective on this date which made a lot of sense to me. She said that it announced the end of the age of Pisces. We are in the new age of Aquarius.
Asking what that means she explaned that the new age of Aquarius is whre we go into an era where things happens as you think about it. Again I asked if it means that the spiritual manifest as the physical as you think it and she said yes that is what she means.

She further said that is is the age where integrity and haracter is shown - a time of transparency and things will be brought to the light. Very interesting as on the 10th 11 .11. Julius Malema and a couple of other ANC okes were banned for a period of time from the Party - transparency, integrity....?

Maris said is is the dawn of a e era with the kingdoms of Darkness and Light to be more definite and more in the open.

Me.... I'm having these dreams this past year and I feel very uncomfortable where I am - knowing hat hings are not right they are not the way they used to be. The fights and running in my dreams are sometimes very hectic - oer oceans and canals and in boats in mountains. (Do not know at which levels I operate, just know that I sometimes wake up very tired in the mornings)

These things are all very interesting... How will this all end? I do not know and will not go into predictions. All I know is that the spiritual atmosphere is getting thicker and thicker with anticipation.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

So it was

It happened. The psycholgist said it is deep depression. One can only stand by and listen. Nothing that you can change or do except to be there for your child.

This is life and we must live it, get up and go on, no matter what is happening on the inside that no one else will ever know of.

We are allso different but the same...

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Fire place

So they came to install the long awaited fireplace on Fiday last week. We sorted out the shack to serve meals there. The air was coolish but not really cold. Good friends arrived for their lunch but after seeing the commotion in the Deli - the shaft for the fire place is 6 meters tall - scaffolding had to be used to erect it, they decided to rather visit us next week when everything was sorted out.

Midday (lunchtime) the installers started with the welding and hammering to get the fire place in. Lo and behold the customers started walking in and amazingly no one wanted to sit in the Shack. No everyone wanted to be in the main building despite the chaos and sparks and labourers. I had to scurry around, pick tables up, make new seating arrangements in the other departments and in the aisles of SPACES to get everyone seated and fed.

My greatest concern all the time was the safety hazard. All is well that ends well. Thanks Andrew for doing a great job. The fire is going and the people loves it.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Evening with Ronnie Kasrils and Trevor Manual

It was just one of those have to do events when I saw that Ronnie Kasrils was going to be in a discussion with Trevor Manual on Ronnie's latest book of 4 years in his late wife Eleanor's life. Arriving at the Book Lounge in Cape Town an hour before the time we had time to browse around and drink a glass of wine. The air was filled with expectation.

In the intimate space of the Book Lounge some were seated on plastic chairs others stood around and waited.

The men were introduced and they started chatting -Trevor Manual posing gentle questions and Ronnie Kasrils answered in honesty and giving more background and details. the story unfolded more and more. Jokes were shared.The audience was involved in the discussions - Dennis Goldblat asked how Ronnie got Eleanor to make a bollemakiesie in politics. This lead to even more tales of soup eating and ballet performances.
Special moments were shared as reference was made to the love side of the love story. Artchbishop Tutu sat silently and listened to it all.

The awareness that I got was that this special group of people gathered here is (which consisted of a couple of heavy weights in the politics past) a group of very special people that fought with integrity wits and style to do what is right. It is almost the end of and era.

Great men who regard values, principles and integrity above all. They fought for what they believed, as Ronnie stated he was a revolutionary, he set out to right the wrong to change things around for the better.

He gave an insight of where it all started when he was 10 years old and looking on to gross wrongdoings while older stronger chose not to see.

Trevor had to handle a very political question posed by some one in the audience regarding when will there be light in the tunnel for those that suffer and is poor. This person asking the question also justified the Tottenham events of looting by saying how else ?

The answer was one based on Tervor's basic beliefs on honesty integrity values and principles. That by no means can looting (taking from someone things that do not belong to you) be justified by any cause.

Ronnie's sensitivity and wisdom was underlined by the fact that he encouraged others to listen to the individual to have compassion. Also is it the special chemistry that takes place when you are in a given situation and your heart suddenly opens for something that determines your purpose as was in the case of Eleanor - a special kind of chemistry takes place when you are at the right place and time and your direction is changed by events to to good to others.

As Trevor said: 'It is all about Ubuntu - respect for one another'.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Monday, 11 July 2011

Monday 11 July '11

Interesting date.
Today we had one comment at the Deli that was different from the ones recieved before :
'Your soup was far beyond above average.' Thanks that makes it worth all the effort.