Monday, 22 August 2011

The Fire place

So they came to install the long awaited fireplace on Fiday last week. We sorted out the shack to serve meals there. The air was coolish but not really cold. Good friends arrived for their lunch but after seeing the commotion in the Deli - the shaft for the fire place is 6 meters tall - scaffolding had to be used to erect it, they decided to rather visit us next week when everything was sorted out.

Midday (lunchtime) the installers started with the welding and hammering to get the fire place in. Lo and behold the customers started walking in and amazingly no one wanted to sit in the Shack. No everyone wanted to be in the main building despite the chaos and sparks and labourers. I had to scurry around, pick tables up, make new seating arrangements in the other departments and in the aisles of SPACES to get everyone seated and fed.

My greatest concern all the time was the safety hazard. All is well that ends well. Thanks Andrew for doing a great job. The fire is going and the people loves it.

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